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About Vital Health 

Our Medical Director, Dr. Marcel Filart, strongly believes that efficient healthcare delivery not only involves high-quality care in the clinic but, more importantly, it should involve frequent non face-to-face management. that occurs in-between clinic visits when most of the change on condition and urgent problems occur.

Non Face-to-face management involves being proactive in  engaging with patients with the use of any type of  telecommunication technology that the Patient could adapt to.  This could involve the following:

1, Texting  / SMS

2. Email

3. Phone Calls

4. Secure messaging (if it involves healthcare data)

5. Video Call 

6. Remote monitoring of vital signs, blood sugar and other bio-metric data 

Engaging with the Patient involves:

1. Outbound communication -  Our staff reaches out to the Patient  to ask about signs and symptoms related to their condition 

2. Inbound 24 hour availability for urgent needs such as change of condition or refills.  

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